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Boat Lifts

There are a number of boat lift manufactures in our area. They are made of two different metals Aluminum and galvanized steel. There are also many different styles of lifts and many different sizes including custom built boat lifts.

Standard 4 Post Boat Lifts

Standard 6 Post Boat Lifts

PWC Up and Over Lifts

Up and Over lifts area a great way to save space on your dock while still protecting your Personal Watercrafts up and out of the water. These lifts are a mounted to a single 10″ Piling. 

Elevator Lift

Elevator Lifts are a unique way to minimize pilings on your dock build. Elevator lifts can also help you take full advantage of your buildable area.


Davits are a great way to pick up your small or large vessel with a limited amount of space. They range from 600lb – 10,000lb. 

Custom Lift

All lifts are fully customizable to create a lift that is specific for your exact needs. 

Boat Lift Canopy

Canopies are available to be added to your lift in a wide variety of colors.  


Tikis can be built in the following sizes:

  • 10′ Round with or without a table
  • 10’X10′
  • 10’X15′
  • 12’X12′
  • Custom Sizes available upon request